Fullstack Developer

Build your project from the backend to the frontend. Focus on precise components if needed.

Smart Contracts Programmer

Make your smart contracts on-demand. Involved in various innovative blockchain projects since 2015.

Security Architect

Code with an hardened security approach. Build your infrastructure with security in mind.

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Papers, Talks and Awards

Digicosme 2017

Third prize in the "applications and algorithms" category by making an embedded chatbot (school project).

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Introducing ETHLove, a Decentralized Application to perform marriage agreements on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Bitnation Pangea

Introducing Bitnation's Pangea jurisdiction, its mesh network Panthalassa and the whole DBVN framework.

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Towards On-Chain Virtual Nations

Talking at Bitnation's DEVCON about the concept of virtual nations, their implications and possible implementations.

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Nuit de l'info 2017

Second prize in the LCL challenge: made a chatbot to retrieve various informations in its database with natural language processing.

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